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To help contain the spread of COVID-19 all classes and consultations are held online. Follow the links to the respective online conference rooms.

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Spring/Summer term has ended
    Classes will continue Sep 15

Office Hours and Consultations

  • Chat preffered for brief questions

  • Online or office contact hours in this period are published at the end of the week for the duration of the next week. If nothing is published yet, do contact me to make an appointment.

Recommended Links


Sites developed by me

I started developing web-sites in 199x (1995-6 probably).

@Faculty of Computer Science and


OS.UM.SIS Archive

FINKI Eprints Archive

ADBIS 2014 Conference website

DEVELOP - Code Development server at FCSE

@Faculty of Natural Sciences and

Official website of the Faculty - 2008

Official website of the Institute of Informatics - 2005-2011
(archived copy)

Student Information Center website - until 2001
(archived copy)

EON website (before becoming SIC) - until 2001


My earliest personal website @Geocities
(archived copy)

My earliest institutional website @FNSM
(archived copy)

Biljana Gjoneska Official Website

Other links

Several web-sites that I find of interest.

News and Information

Hacker News

University initiatives ...

Professor's Plenum

Kuali Project

Apereo (JASIG - uPortal, CAS)

Programming ...

Apache Tapestry

OS, Communication, Libre/Open ...

Tox - A new kind of instant messaging

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OS

Tor Project


Software that sucks less