Web-sites I implemented

At the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Central Authentication System
- Design and Administration

DATABASES Course Website
- Development, Design, Administration

DEVELOP - Project Management and Code Development server at FCSE
- Development, Design, Administration

OS.UM.SIS Directory (Open-Source University Management and Student Information Systems Directory)
- Development, Design, Administration

FINKI Publications Eprints Archive
- Design, Administration - archived version

ADBIS 2014 Conference website
- Development, Design, Administration - archived version


At the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Official website of the Faculty
- Design, Administration - 2008

Official website of the Institute of Informatics
- Design, Administration - 2005-2011
(archived copy)

Student Information Center website - until 2001
- Development, Design, Administration
(archived copy)

EON website (before becoming SIC)
- Development, Design, Administration - until 2001

Personal websites I implemented

My earliest personal website @Geocities
(archived copy)

My earliest institutional website @FNSM
(archived copy)

Biljana Gjoneska Official Website

Other links of interest

Several web-sites that I find of interest.

News and Information

Hacker News

University initiatives ...

Professor's Plenum

Kuali Project

Apereo (JASIG - uPortal, CAS)

Programming ...

Apache Tapestry

OS, Communication, Libre/Open ...

Tox - A new kind of instant messaging

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OS

Tor Project


Software that sucks less

Class Schedules

Consultations / Office hours

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  • Chat preffered for brief questions

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