Vangel V. Ajanovski - Official Website

Due to the spread of COVID-19 all classes and consultations are held online. Follow the links to the respective courses and videoconferencing rooms.

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Internet Technol. THU 09-12 @ONLINE
  • Inf.Sys.Dev.Proc. Mentoring @ONLINE

Office Hours and Consultations

  • Contact me to make an appointment.

Online Chat is preffered for brief questions.

Recommended Links


Email From Students

Do not hesitate to contact me by email, but have in mind that it is much better to use the Courses system and send a a private message there, which will give you a guarantee that:

  • I will receive the message
  • I can check that you are really a student.

Otherwise, especially for quick questions, please see the chat options.

Official Email

Official address: send your mails to vangel.ajanovski @ the domain. This is an official departmental email address hosted by Microsoft, so their rules apply.

Please, do not use this address for sending personal email. Contact me and I will send a message back from a private address in case the correspondence is not related to the university.

Chat / VoIP / Videoconf


I am a Tox user and I recommend the free qTox software for general IM, chat, and voice/video calls.
Tox ID: E6B051C7A8BE846047922E3847221C57AD9CA75D9735F9732BD9CB536A135D5C91324D56C650


I am regular visitor of the channels #SISng (SISng Project Official Channel), #finki, #foss2serve and #lugola in the Freenode network, using the nickname "ajan".
If you are new to IRC, please follow my instructions.

Web chat: See IRC option above, it is easily accessible from the web.

Social networks

I am an occasional user on some web forums.

FB, TW, LI, MS, G+, ... I don't like them and I don't use them.