Mentorship and Supervision

Student Information Systems of the Next Generation (SISng)

  • Virtual Academic Adviser is a SISng application that acts as a personalized guide for each invidivual student and leads towards more successful graduation. The core of the system and main web application has been developed as part of several courses, and there is free space for other students to develop new modules on:
    • Course Recommenders - guide students to choose courses that are best aligned to their interests
    • Study Path recommenders - propose tracks of studying for a more complete knowledge
    • Literature recommenders - propose new learning materials, books, examples
    • Possibilities to work with existing code: new adaptive user interfaces, documentation, testing and debugging, evaluation of recommender engine accuracy, and experiments with new algorithms.
  • Career management is a SISng subsystem for management of human resources.
    • EduBio is a web application for creating a detailed personal research profile and biography. The core of the system and main web application has been developed as part of one diploma work, and there is free space for other students to develop new modules on:
      • Job offers and candidate recruitment
      • Evaluation of success and ranking based on university criteria
      • Data transfer from/to external services (ORCID, CrossRef, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, ...)
      • Static web-site generator from the project database
    • Alumni is a social network for use by the Faculty and it's students, current and past members and partners. Status: Initial work begun
    • Personal Portfolios is going to be a social website that will allow all our Faculty members (students and professors) to create their own personal portfolios and showcase  and demonstrate their projects and finished works.
  • Calendar and Time-table is an application within the SISng for management of personalized calendars and schedules for each student and professor, for all their interests. The core of the system and prototype application is already developed, work will continue with:
    • Event management - publish events and promotions and manage subscriptions
    • Personal Mobile Calendar interfaces for viewing your personal calendar, finding non-conflict schedules for group meetings, management of daily agenda
    • Resources Management and Reservations for internal use by the Faculty
    • Integrating existing open-source sofware for Class time-tables and calendar publishing, with data transfer services existing software and cloud services

Join a humanitarian and/or free open-source project

  • POSSE and Foss2serve promote inclusion of open-source in teaching and students participation in Humanitarian and/or Free and Open Source Software projects
  • Many projects welcome students, in various roles (documentation, debugging, development, testing). Contact me if you are interested.

Multimedia, graphics, web-design, virtual reality

  • Digitization (Archival, Heritage, Culture, Tourism)
    • Digitization of important monuments and buildings in Macedonia
      • Case studies in digitization on specific objects or subjects
      • Design of innovative interfaces for existing projects
      • Automated tourist guides or tourist recommenders that propose path or
    • Digitization of lectures, classes, study processes and experiments
  • Automated generation of music and video - arrangement and composition

General topics, algorithms, technologies, processes

  • Software and information system development processes and techniques
    • Methodologies and processes: Scaled Agile Framework, Essence, XP, Scrum, DSDM, RUP, SSADM
  • Software development techniques:
    • DDD - Domain-driven development (OpenXava, NakedObjects, Apache ISIS and similar)
    • Continuous integration (Jenking and similar)

    Research on

    • Social and Collaborative Navigation
    • Self-Adaptive Information Systems
      • Software frameworks for self-* systems
      • Software engineering topics for self-* systems
    • Learning Analytics
      • Predictions and forecasts - Grades, Retention, Drop-out, Graduation
      • Recommendations - Courses, Paths, Interests
    • Sound, music, graphics, creativity
      • Real-time gesture control of synthesizers and effects processors
    • Collaborative ER and UML modeling