Web-sites and designs

My Personal Web Sites

Archived copy of first personal web-site at Geocities

Archived copy of my music published on SIC pages, designed by me

My personal web-site at Google Sites - http://sites.google.com/site/ajanovski, until 2012

Web Design

Evermind.Me - Graphical design, Web programming, Administration

OSUMSIS - Graphical design, content writing, System administration

DEVELOP FINKI - Logo design, Skin/theme customization, System administration

COURSES FINKI - Logo design, Skin/theme customization, System administration

CAS FINKI - Logo design, Graphical design, System deployment


Adwaitefox - Firefox and Thunderbird Persona suitable for using under Gnome3 Shell with Adwaite theme

Class Schedules

  • Databases
    Wed - 16:00-19:45 @ONLINE
  • Computer Sound, Music & Speech
    Mon - 17:00-19:45 @ONLINE
    Thu - 16:00-17:30 @ONLINE
  • Database Administration
    Mentored process during consultations

Consultations / Office hours

  • FCSE web-site reports that none are scheduled at this moment. Contact hours for each next week are published at the end of the current week. Please check again or contact me to make an appointment.

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