Computer sound, speech and music

My teaching philosophy:

  • Learn by Doing
    All courses I teach are project based - students work individually or in small groups towards a successful project implementation
  • Guided and Personalized
    I personally supervise the project work - week by week, and offer menthorship and guidance through individualized comments and critique towards advancement
  • Online-held since 2021
    Lectures and exams will be held online using videoconferencing systems, and practical work will be condone using a special software system that I developed for this course, that enables hands-on practice assignments and exams

This is just a short decription of the course and my general teaching philosophy.

Lecture topics

  1. Computer sound
  2. Computer speech
  3. Computer music
  4. PureData / PurrData
  5. SuperCollider
  6. HTML5 Web Audio API

Project work

Class Schedules

Consultations / Office hours

  • None scheduled at this moment. Contact hours for each next week are published at the end of the current week. Please check again or contact me to make an appointment.
  • Chat preffered for brief questions

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